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Transport for NSW Case Study: The Cycleways Move IoT Solution

Transport for NSW Case Study: The Cycleways Move IoT Solution


Success for Transport for NSW with Secure Agility

Sydney’s expansive network of cycleway and taxi ranks is frequently contested between pedestrians, cyclists and public transport vehicles.



To enable more commuter choice and a safer environment for commuters and drivers, Transport for NSW is at the forefront of using technology for the public transport management and commuters are set to get even more options for trip planning via digital channels.

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Secure Agility explored and engineered an IoT solution for Transport for NSW to:
• Assess and prioritise movement
• Improve crossings for cyclists and pedestrians
• Adjust road space allocation
• Optimise environment and visual cues

IoT can be delivered as a managed service to solve any number of existing or
emerging business Use Cases.

IoT sensors can collect data from any location, AI and ML can be used to
process the data and a secure data lake can be used to display the relevant
business insights.

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Video + edge computing combine for movement driven IoT

With traditional video monitoring not sufficient to provide the insights required of its dedicated transport spaces, Transport for NSW partnered with Secure Agility to develop an innovative movement driven 
IoT solution.
This provides Transport for NSW the exact data it needs without overwhelming volumes of recordings, or teams of manual inspectors.

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Service can include dashboarding and data visualisation

Move IoT is unique because the data is visualised in customer dashboards that are portrayed in both cycling and pedestrian counts and are on display to the general public.

Move IoT Dashboard

Download the case study below to learn more.


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