Software Licensing

Learn how we procure and manage your software licenses

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    Any organisation juggling a number of different software licensing agreements and vendors.

Who Need

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    Help to reduce their supplier base and administration costs by consolidating multiple streams of spend under one provider.

We Offer

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     A service that ensures licensing compliance & optimal return on software investment.

Delivering You

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    Time and cost savings by negotiating volume software licensing on your behalf.

secure agility can help you proactively manage your software assets

Are you spending money on software you don’t need or paying extra for training, support and other services? We provide an innovative approach to help you gain greater value from your software investment.

We can handle the heavy lifting involved in your software licensing program from procurement, to design, to management support. We can help maintain your agreements to boost your cost savings and licensing efficiency.

Our software team provides expert advice to ensure you are informed to make the right decisions when selecting, using or managing software products.

We help customers to:

  • Utilise cost-effective software licensing

  • Simplify licensing administration and reduce overheads

  • Increase productivity

  • Optimise return on investment

  • Ensure licensing compliance

  • Prevent over or under licensing

  • Plan and budget for software upgrades
Software Licensing

How secure agility’s software services can help

Our software team can proactively manage your software assets by focusing on extracting value through the process of procurement, deployment, management and innovation. We guide you through the steps of:

1. Procurement

The key to maximise the return on software assets is optimising how you procure licenses and the structure of the licensing agreement.

2. Deployment

In order to realise value from software licenses, you need to plan, deploy and integrate the software you procure. Too often organisations do not fully understand what software they own due to complex licensing agreements

3. Management

You need to understand software utilisation and manage deployed software assets to ensure optimal performance. The management of your software is a key component of being able to successfully prove a return and justify future software investments.


4. Compliance

 Protect your organisation from potentially expensive license breaches by ensuring that your software terms are always current.

Learn the secure agility difference

We act independently from Software Vendors to offer comprehensive advice.

We track your license agreements, renewal dates, licenses keys, training vouchers, SA benefits and other relevant licensing.

We help you to reduce the supplier base and administrable costs by consolidating multiple streams of spend under one provider.

Software Assets

We assist customers when they plan, build, support and manage their IT infrastructure and apply our expertise across software, networking, security, desktop deployment and management. Our long-standing partnership with leading vendors places us in an ideal position to negotiate on your behalf, leveraging our relationship to your benefit.

Wherever you are in your software journey, we have the expertise to help you arrive at your destination.


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