Extended Detection Response

Extend the protection

Securing a dynamic threat landscape with comprehensive Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities

Businesses and organisations, particularly those with limited in-house IT resources, face a constant and dynamic challenge to safeguard their sensitive data from ever-adapting cyber threats.

Traditional security measures are no longer enough to combat cybercriminals. Extended Detection and Response (XDR) offers 24/7 monitoring and response capabilities to proactively detect and neutralise threats. XDR is a strategic necessity for organisations to ensure a secure digital future.

Today’s adversaries are becoming more sophisticated.

68% of observed attacks are non-malware based, hands-on-keyboard activity, command line or running a shell-script.

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Annual Threat Hunting 2021

Our Extended Detection and Response (XDR) services will protect your organisation with proactive cybersecurity measures, ensuring the safety and integrity of your digital assets.


Critical Benefits of XDR:

Proactive Threat Detection
Proactive Threat Detection

Our XDR services leverage advanced threat detection technologies to identify and neutralise potential cyber threats before they escalate and impact your environment.


24/7 Monitoring and Response
24/7 Monitoring and Response

Ensures you are always protected with around-the-clock monitoring. Any suspicious activity triggers an immediate response, minimising the impact of security incidents.

Reduced Incident Response Time
Reduced Incident Response Time

Significantly reduce the time it takes to detect and respond. Quick response times mean less damage, speedier recovery, and decreased downtime for your operations.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting
Advanced Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights into your cybersecurity posture through detailed analytics and comprehensive reports. Understand the threats thwarted and the vulnerabilities addressed.

Integration with Leading Security Solutions
Integration with Market Leading Security Solutions

We collaborate with technology partners Crowdstrike and Sentinel One to provide you with cutting-edge security solutions.

Our Partners

Secure Agility partners with CrowdStrike, Microsoft and Sentinel One, the global leaders in cloud-first endpoint protection. We can select the best solution to fit your requirements and provide you with benefits including:

  • Checkmark Real-Time Threat Intelligence: Live analysis to enhance our XDR capabilities and keep your organisation ahead of emerging threats.
  • Checkmark Endpoint Protection Excellence: Leverage the power of advanced endpoint protection to safeguard your network and endpoints from sophisticated cyber threats.
  • Checkmark Autonomous Threat Prevention: Ensures a proactive defence against various cyber threats.
  • Checkmark Behavioral AI Analysis: integrating an extra layer of intelligence to our XDR services, precisely detecting anomalies and potential threats.







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