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Desktop to the power of fourTM

Easy to deploy desktops, to the power of four

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    Organisations moving to a user-centric computing strategy, with remote workers and flexible BYOD selection, or those considering desktop replacement.

Who Need

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    A smarter and more secure way to manage a changing workforce

We Offer

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    An easy to deploy and use, managed desktop service with four performance level options.

Delivering You

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    Improved productivity that frees up CAPEX.

Deploy an adaptive desktop experience for all your staff, whatever their work style.

Welcome to desktop to the power of four.
  • Work has changed, so should the desktop. The modern workforce requires system access for both office and mobile workers at any time and location. The power of Desktop-as-a-Service allows this flexibility.

  • Secure Agility’s DaaS4 service integrates all the components to make desktop and applications manageable, secure and easy to deploy.

  • You don’t need in-house desktop or network skills to make it happen.

Deploy an adaptive desktop experience for all your staff, whatever their work style.

DaaS4 is available in four levels

All customer VDIs are monitored 24×7, managed and secured. User data stored in the VDIs is also backed up every day. The VDIs come with an availability SLA target of 99.95% regardless of which data centre it runs in. This SLA is similar to public cloud services.

Standard Advanced Power Processing Plus

Bundled Inclusions (Per Virtual Desktop)

DaaS 1 CPU 4GB

DaaS 2 CPU 4GB

DaaS 2 CPU 8GB

DaaS 4 CPU 8GB

Typical Work

Administration Help Desk

Sales Consultants

Managers, Executives, IT, Marketing

Finance, Data analysts


Efficient use of often limited resources and large or dual monitors

Connection to office resources and data via the cloud or VPN

Transition from desk to meeting – information sharing and connectivity

A solution for staff who use process intensive applications

Easy Virtual Desktops
Easy Virtual Desktops

Delivery of desktops including applications on-demand to any device, anywhere. Extend the life of your fleet by using existing hardware to run the latest Windows OS, Office 365 and collaboration apps.

Cloud Flexibility
Cloud Flexibility

Expand or contract the number of DaaS instances to suit your business needs, reduce upfront costs and lower your TCO.

Security and DR
Security and DR

Integrated security, control and support are teamed with options for disaster recovery in the event of a data centre outage.

Adaptive Experience
Adaptive Experience

Provides an end-user experience that adapts to any device and any network condition. USB, multimedia, and unified communications integration are also supported.

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Case Study: DaaS invigorates secure remote work at international waste management company

Waste management and recycling group REMONDIS needed to reinvent its desktop architecture quickly to avoid disruption.

Read our case study to learn more.

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DaaS Remondis Case Study

To the power of 4


DaaS4 is a new generation service that is delivered from Secure Agility’s OurDC4 environment.

OurDC4 is built in Australia’s most secure data centres to provide digital transformation at high availability and with predictable costs.

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