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Helping build a Predictive Transport economy with IoT

Helping build a Predictive Transport economy with IoT

A Predictive Transport economy is one that is driven by real-time decision-making rather than historical data or no data at all. Every data point, from passenger capacity to vehicle mass, can feed into the Predictive Transport economy, and Secure Agility is now driving it. 

Australia’s transport industry employees more than 650,000 people and is the lifeblood of the entire nation. However, transport planning traditionally relies on old data. With Cisco computer vision, AI, edge computing and other sensors, Secure Agility now delivers real-time analytics and alerting to define the new, Predictive Transport economy.

With predictive analytics and information, the transport industry regardless of mode, can be improved in three distinct ways; 
•    Safety, 
•    Capacity Planning and 
•    Vehicle Suitability.

The massive potential for Predictive Transport will deliver far-reaching benefits for the whole transport economy and carry greater efficiency with savings in time and fuel, improved accident prevention, and higher productivity through better route and journey planning.  Also, secondary benefits to the environment are delivered through reduced carbon emissions via improved traffic flow, greater public transport usage and higher cycle and walking participation rates.

Imagine if a Transport planner could anticipate accurately rather than guess haphazardly.

Without timely information, transport management plays catch-up with an ever-increasing number of journeys. Plus, new technology is constantly being applied to cars, trains, bikes and ferries, but transport management systems struggle to keep up with this change. 

The Predictive Transport economy will run much smoother.  See how here: