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    The right person for your role - with only 1 interview required by your team!

Finding a new team member is a big commitment. According to industry reports, more than 1 in 4 organisations say it’s harder to find top talent now than ever


The top 3 hiring challenges sighted are:
  • Finding candidates with the right cultural fit

  • Finding candidates with the right technical skills

  • Finding candidates with the relevant soft skills

The top 3 hiring challenges

We get it!

It’s the elusive combination of cultural fit, job competency and x-factor; and often finding time to really invest in finding the right person can be a challenge especially with your day-to-day responsibilities and commitments, not to mention the need to filter out applications – who has time?!
Our team of Talent Management Consultants each have extensive experience working in technology specific recruitment for leading ICT companies and recruitment firms. This means you are guaranteed to be dealing with someone who understands your business and the talent market.

Success in numbers

90% of the work is done for you
90% of the work is done for you

We remove almost all of the work taken to find the right candidate – giving you back time to focus on your priorities.

2-4 weeks to place
2-4 weeks to place

Once the profile is ready to go, our average run-rate of placing a permanent skilled staff member is 2-4 weeks.

1 in 2 average success rate
1 in 2 average success rate

On average, offers are made to 1 in every 2 candidates that we put forward – demonstrating that our talent search process is rock-solid.

100% repeat services
100% repeat services

Organisations look to us to fulfil their ongoing technical recruitment and talent placement requirements.

Now: Candidate Video Profiles

Candidates submit video responses to your key criteria ensuring a cultural and behavioural fit.

We have introduced another feature to our service offering, which is the inclusion of a Candidate Video Profile. Now, not only are our candidates culturally and technically assessed, but you will also receive a short introductory video of them addressing some of the key criteria for your roles.

Now: Candidate video Profiles


Solutions to fit your needs









Permanent Resourcing Solutions

Putting someone into a permanent position is a big commitment. We tailor our approach because every client and their needs are different. We have access to multiple advertising channels plus leverage our own extensive networks to give us a broad reach within the IT industry. We have a behavioural and technical assessment methodology which we have developed ourselves, with our Talent Management Consultants and Solution Architects.

Behavioural & Cultural Fit
Technical Assessment









Contract Resourcing Solutions

With Secure Agility’s expanding database, networks and market intelligence we will provide you with the skills you need for your contracting needs.

We use a proactive approach to the contractor market and keep our fingers on the pulse. Our relationships with our contractors are high touch giving us a talent pool which are consistently seeking opportunities to work with us and our clients. Secure Agility also manages the timesheets and payroll for all contractors, so all you have to do is approve the timesheet in 1 click, and we will send you an invoice.

Managed timesheets and payroll
Access to exclusive contractor network









Short Term On-Demand Solutions

At Secure Agility we have a team of flexible and on-demand engineers who will be deployed to you, at short notice and will seamlessly transition into your team, providing you with the support and assurance of business as usual. Our On-Demand resources are an extension of your team, which you can draw on for those short-term, short-notice backfill needs. Each customer is provided with a dedicated person who will be the ‘Secure Agility Engineer’ in your team. No need to provide continuous training or onboarding of contractors, just call us and we’ll send you your dedicated Engineer!

Trained, ready engineers
Guaranteed Consulting

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Our Approach

We aim to remove all the time-consuming effort involved in recruitment by proactively working with you to understand your needs and be on the front foot when they arise.

We do this by providing one of our Talent Management Consultants to work with your hiring manager to capture the scope, develop the appropriate attraction and selection strategy, carry out the cultural and technical assessments, present a short list of 2-3 profiles, coordinate the interview process, conduct the reference and background checks, manage the offer/ closing stage and carry out any on-boarding activities.

Our inhouse developed behaviour and technical assessments enable us to guarantee our clients that what they see is what they get! All that’s left for you to do is have 1 interview and make your decision from our shortlist.



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